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Ejaculation" refers to the ejaculation of semen, i.e. squirting.


The word "ejaculation" comes from Latin and means "to cum". At Orgasm the man's sperm is expelled. Interestingly, however, there are also men who Comewithout ejaculating. However, this phenomenon is comparatively rare.

Every time a healthy man ejaculates, between 200 and 400 million sperm are present. In the "fresh air", however, these have a rather low chance of survival. Approximately four millilitres of ejaculate are ejected per orgasm.

In porn, ejaculation is often used as an additional kick. Thus, many performers come not in their partner, but - for example in a Blowjob with subsequent Cumshot - outside. The spectator can then convince himself that he has actually come. Generally speaking, it can be a lot of fun to incorporate ejaculation into sex, for example by squirting in the face, in the mouth or on other parts of the body. During group sex, many men often ejaculate into a glass, which is then drunk from.

Over time, the type of ejaculation changes. Men aged 40 and over in particular ejaculate differently than younger men. This means that they eject less ejaculate and have a more Ejaculation usually takes longer than before.

Ejaculation can also give important clues about a man's state of health. Especially if there is blood mixed in with the ejaculate or the fluid smells foul, it is important to pay attention. Sometimes the cause can be a bacterial infection or (very rarely) cancer.