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Facial means spraying your partner's sperm in the face.


Facial often plays an important role in porn, but not only. This is a sex practice in which the man injects his sperm into the partner's face.

Many gays and straight people especially love to come. However, some women find the practice degrading.

Facial can also mean letting some of the semen flow into the mouth. In this case, there is often talk of a "cum shot". This is often the "finale" of a sex scene - especially in the porn films mentioned above.

Most often, the Facial Orgasm accompanied by masturbation. In this way, the person who comes to orgasm has the opportunity to "aim" at the partner's face. Even though the technique is widespread among both straight and gay men, there are some people who just can't get used to having their partner come on top of them. Those who try facial should therefore have a healthy relationship with their partner's bodily fluids. It doesn't do much good to try to get over yourself.

But: once you've acquired a taste for it, it's quite possible that your desire for this particular practice will grow and grow. Especially when masturbation takes place at the same time, both have the opportunity to raise their passion to a new (perceived by many as "dirty") level.

Many gays turn facial into a real event within the framework of relevant parties, as the practice can of course also be enjoyed with several people.