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Fetishism" refers to the particular passion for specific things or actions

Fetishism refers to the phenomenon of being attracted to a certain action or object in an erotic way. It is often absolutely incomprehensible to outsiders how a fetishism - for example towards buttons, hack or the stroking of varnish - can develop.

However, fetishists often build their entire (sex) life around this act or the object in question.

Fetishism can therefore also develop into a particular burden for an existing relationship. After all, as a partner it is often difficult to deal with such a foible.

Depending on whether the object around which the fetishism revolves is frequently found in everyday life, it may be that the person concerned is continuously turned on (for example by cars in traffic).

As long as no one is hurt by the corresponding passion, fetishism is usually not dangerous. However, when it turns out that the Fetishists increasingly isolate themselves, avoid contact with others and possibly fall into depression, it is important to seek professional counselling.

However, anyone who takes a closer look at the phenomenon quickly realises that there are no fixed rules here. Rather, it is fundamentally possible to Fetish in relation to almost everything. The question that rather arises is to what extent those affected give their passion space in everyday life.

Many needs of this kind can also be satisfied in sex clubs. This is especially true if the fetish is based on "classics" such as lacquer and Leather, refers.