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A fetishist finds specific objects (or actions) sexually arousing

A fetishist is a person who finds it a turn-on to get horny with certain objects or actions. Interestingly, these are often things that other people classify as "non-erotic". From everyday objects to actions, such as stroking hair or Leather lick, just about everything is represented in this area.

Fetishists are often viewed critically by those around them, sometimes even smiled at. However, this does not bother them at all. Rather, they love it - depending on the Fetish - for example, getting aroused with hack, lacquer and leather, various objects or other things. In most cases, fetishists do not harm other people with their passion. They often live out their passion for themselves, so that those around them often don't notice their erotic weakness. However, anyone who "comes out" as a fetishist should always expect headwind due to various prejudices.

Fetishists often have the problem that leading a relationship proves to be difficult. This is because many partners cannot understand the passion of their loved one and sometimes feel somewhat set back. Accordingly, it can make sense - if the strain here becomes too strong - to go to couples therapy in order to possibly find a compromise.

If you are a fetishist and are enthusiastic about the well-known "classics", such as lacquer and leather, you will often find what you are looking for in the relevant clubs. Here, there are usually special rooms for fetishists that are equipped with the appropriate toys.