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Men who enter a gay bay for the first time or show themselves publicly in the scene for the first time are often called "fresh meat" by other men.

The term "fresh meat" may sound a little pejorative, but it is not usually meant in a negative way. For example, gays who have not been part of the Scene and enter a gay club for the first time, for example, are referred to as "fresh meat". They often seem a little insecure at first glance and don't know how to behave.

Sometimes, therefore, it is not too difficult to make an initial assessment of their wealth of experience.

Of course, it is also possible that the said fresh meat feels particularly comfortable from the first moment and adapts quickly. Accordingly, the extent to which each person is absorbed in the role of fresh meat depends above all on his or her own character.

A lot of gays love to fuck with fresh meat flirt and introduce the "new gays" to the scene. For others, it is simply too exhausting to deal with overly shy party guests. As is often the case, personal taste is the deciding factor.

By the way, "fresh meat" is not a term that is exclusively used in the gay scene. The term is also used more often among heterosexuals. Especially in the context of male-female relationships and with regard to the demands of emancipation, however, it has a rather negative connotation here. Here, the claim to be able to determine or even use another person resonates more clearly. A corresponding disparagement is usually not recognisable in the gay scene. Here, the term "fresh meat" is more about giving (as yet) inexperienced people a glimpse of a new world.