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People who are genderfluid move between the sexes and do not define themselves.

Being genderfluid or "genderqueer" means not wanting (or being able) to commit to a particular gender. Those affected can, for example, feel particularly feminine on one day and particularly masculine or diverse on another.

Interestingly, classically genderfluid people also do not attach importance to a corresponding, fixed classification. Rather, they often enjoy being allowed to behave and dress exactly as they experience it at the time.

This is a comparatively new term for a phenomenon that is becoming more and more common. In the course of a corresponding enlightenment, more and more people dare to stand by their respective inclinations and thus encourage others.

Of course, in the context of genderfluid people, it is also not possible to speak of "fundamentally gay"or "basically lesbian". Rather, the most diverse constellations exist here, which once again show how colourful the world of lesbianism is. LGBTQ Scene actually is.

In short: here the classical norms of gender are fundamentally suspended. Being with genderfluid people can be inspiring on many levels and show that classical, social norms can indeed be limiting. Of course, this phenomenon is not a mental disorder or even a form of schizophrenia. Rather, those affected consciously exploit their possibilities... Even if this may seem a little strange at first. In their search for like-minded people, many genderfluids or genderqueers find what they are looking for on the internet. An appropriate exchange can help them to orient themselves a little better in this exciting time and to find support.