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Genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease in which small warts actually develop on the penis (or vagina)

Genital warts belong to the STDswhich are perceived as particularly unpleasant by those affected. As the name suggests, an infection actually causes small warts to appear on the genital organs.

Transmission takes place on the basis of viruses and usually during sex. If you want to protect yourself, you can create a Condom a good basis. But: of course, the viruses can also be transmitted via the hands (for example after masturbating). Accordingly, it is important not to sleep with your partner in case of an active infection, but to let it heal first.

In general, it is particularly important to react immediately after discovering the unpleasant warts and to start treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise they can multiply quickly. However, under no circumstances should you act "on the spur of the moment"! Genital warts must be examined by a specialist. He or she can recognise the troublemakers at first glance and can, for example, also distinguish them from other warts. STDs, such as Herpes, distinguish.

Even though genital warts are a really annoying affair, they are harmless in most cases. However, if you wait too long, you run the risk of increasing your own risk of developing cancer. Moreover, once the warts have appeared, there is a high probability that they will return at some point. In many cases, the viruses remain in the body, so that there is always a new outbreak. come can.