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GS is the abbreviation for group sex.

GS is the abbreviation for group sex. The combination of letters is often used in forums to search for like-minded people who want to meet for real.

GS can be enjoyed in many variations and in almost innumerable positions. If you feel like trying it out, you can usually get your money's worth in sex clubs. Here, there are usually particularly large rooms available, which virtually invite you to enjoy "active" to become.

Since many gays (and heteros) have anonymous sex at GS, it is of course important not to lose sight of the safety factor. The following applies here: condoms can protect against infections and the spread of STDs protect! Many sex club operators provide their visitors with a large number of rubbers. Those who organise their own GS adventures should also always have condoms with them.

Since GS is still seen by many people as a little "dirty"In porn, too, downright orgies are often celebrated. No matter whether anal sex ("Greek"), oral sex or hand jobs: there are virtually no limits to the imagination here. Of course, the GS can also be enhanced by other practices, for example from the BDSM area, still be expanded.

In short: anyone looking for a little variety in the bedroom and a very special kick can give GS a chance. However, couples should discuss this in advance and ask themselves what is "allowed" and what is not. Otherwise, GS can also lead to unpleasant jealousy scenes or even a break-up. Those who can separate love and sex have a clear advantage here. After all, G6 is rarely about real, deep feelings.