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The term "hunk" is usually considered a compliment in gay circles. This refers to a man with a good figure.

If you are looking for a flirting adventure with a hunk, you will usually find it in the gym. Because: the hunk is well-built. Especially his upper body stands out. There are also some muscles on the legs.

For many, the hunk is therefore considered a real dream man. He manages in a special way to train both upper and lower body in equal measure and therefore also cuts a good figure on the beach, among other things.

Most hunks also have an impressive washboard stomach. In short: there is a lot of work and ambition behind such a figure. Even if some gays (and straights) disagree: Hunks don't necessarily have to be arrogant. Many are between 20 and 40 years old and just enjoy being sporty in their free time. active to be.

They are usually open-minded towards strangers and love to discover new sports for themselves. Of course, nutrition also plays an important role on the way to becoming a hunk. In contrast to the classic bodybuilder figure, however, the hunk is not about building up overly obvious muscles. The focus is much more on a healthy, lightly toned body, which of course also looks great on the body. Flirt can be used.

How much the hunk shows of his body - for example in the disco - is of course up to him. However, there are many garments that seem to be made to emphasise the assets of both the lower and upper body.