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The jock is a special type of underwear that exposes the buttocks.

The jock has always been closely associated with the gay scene. These are pants that are only fastened with two straps and allow a free view of the buttocks. Of course, if you want, you can also wear this kind of underwear in your free time. However, the jock is especially popular in connection with relevant sex parties. It allows a direct view of the buttocks of the gay in question and can help to further fuel the anticipation of an upcoming adventure.

If you are looking for a jock today, you will usually find one in every sex shop. Here you can often choose between jocks in many sizes and designs. Especially the models from Leather enjoy - not only in the BDSM Scene - of particular popularity.

This type of underwear is also an absolute must-have for many gays when cruising. After all, the jock allows direct access to the anal area and - by the way - also looks incredible. horny off.

Depending on personal taste, the "trousers" can be tied particularly tightly. This often makes the ass look not only more erotic, but also more "inviting". In addition, the constricted feeling can increase the pleasure even more. To take the whole thing to the extreme, some gays wear not only the jock, but also long trousers with a corresponding "ass cut-out" over them.