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Shared orgasm means coming together with your partner

A common Orgasm is the phenomenon when two partners at the same time come. Anyone who has tried to do just that knows that this can certainly be a special "task". This is especially true when one comes comparatively early but the other needs a little more time according to experience.

Interestingly, however, this is exactly what can be trained. Couples who have been together for a long time often have an advantage here. They know each other's bodies (and their own) and can thus better assess whether and how a joint orgasm might be possible.

If you want to experience a shared orgasm, you are well advised to discuss it briefly beforehand. For example, during sex it is possible to communicate with each other with glances or similar. Here, too, it is of course an advantage if you have already had some experience together beforehand in order to know how the other person will react. Without a doubt, it also requires a lot of self-control to consciously shift down a gear to wait for your partner.

Of course, a shared orgasm can also happen quite by chance. But then it is a real "lucky strike". The reasons why so many couples love to come together are many and varied. Some simply find it hornyOthers hope to feel an even closer bond.

The hunt for a shared orgasm can of course also be taken to extremes in the context of gang bang parties. Of course, the more people who attend, the greater the challenge to ejaculate together.