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The letter L is often used among gay men to abbreviate length, i.e. penis length.

Not only in chats do many gays love to talk about the length of their cocks. In order to get down to business as quickly and uncomplicatedly as possible, we comethey often make use of a single letter: the L.

How long a Penis The question of what a man should be in order to be able to provide really hot sex always depends on individual taste. And: many gays (and incidentally also many straight men) agree that L alone says nothing about the bird qualities of the respective man. Sometimes sex with men with a comparatively small penis is even better than sex with an XXL version.

In addition, dicks differ not only in terms of their "L value", but also in terms of diameter and general shape. In short, there are many factors to consider when describing the "perfect penis".

Fortunately, nowadays men with a high L value also have the chance to protect themselves from infections. Because: for this purpose and for this target group, XXL condoms are offered, among other things.

However, having a particularly large penis can also prove to be a problem. If the average dimensions are clearly exceeded, fucking can become quite unpleasant for the passive partner. The other extreme is the so-called micro-penis. This is - as the name suggests - so small that it is often difficult to have sex at all.