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Lambda, the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet, is a symbol that stands for equal rights for gays.

Lambda is one of the best-known letters of the Greek alphabet. It is in the eleventh position and is often used by gays or the LGBTQ community used as a sign of equality.

In the course of time, this letter became more and more important. Especially in connection with various awareness campaigns around the Scene the initiators deliberately put it in the limelight again and again.

Otherwise, this letter is a comparatively inconspicuous structure. It resembles the German V, but upside down.

Interestingly, the lambda is not only used in relation to the gay scene, but also in other fields. Whether in physics, electrical engineering or other areas of natural sciences: the "majuscule" is often in focus.

If you look a little into the history of this letter, you will quickly realise that lambda is by no means a new phenomenon in the context of the gay movement. Already in the course of the 1970s, lambda stood for "freedom" and equality and was used by several relevant organisations.

In the course of time, not only gays but also lesbians and transgender people, among others, use the letter to draw attention to their needs. Initially used mainly in the USA, the minuscule developed over time into an international symbol with a particularly impressive expressiveness.