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Lycra is a material that is often used in connection with BDSM games, but also for masturbation.

Lycra is a smooth, thin and stretchy material that can be used for a variety of sex games and preferences. Who wants a Fetish has developed in this direction, for example, finds it extremely pleasant to simply feel the Lycra against the skin.

The gays in question also enjoy, for example, wearing Lycra underwear under their normal everyday clothes or presenting them in relevant sex clubs.

The special feeling caused by wearing Lycra underwear probably comes from the mix of smooth material and the tight fit. When the straps move, the friction can further increase the sensation.

Lycra lingerie and clothing is offered in many different variations nowadays. If you are looking for a "very special piece", you will usually find it in the classic sex shop. Accessories in red or black are particularly popular.

In addition, many manufacturers of sex toys now also use Lycra. It seems as if there are almost no limits to the imagination. "By the way, the material with its smooth surface is easy to clean and can also be worn on "special occasions", such as a gang bang party.

How tight the clothes should be is up to the wearer's taste. If you like constriction and pain, you will get your money's worth here - depending on the size. come.