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Masochism is the term used to describe the fetish of people who love to have pain inflicted on them.

Those who are enthusiastic about masochism love to be tortured. Exactly how said torture must then look in order to provide maximum satisfaction for the fetishists depends on individual taste and the corresponding preferences.

Here there are also within the Scene quite different nuances. It is particularly interesting that those affected are usually not only concerned with the physical pain, but also with the moral humiliation. Why a person develops a penchant for masochism cannot be standardised. Among others, many psychologists have dealt with this topic in the past.

But: as long as both partners agree to the sexual torment and imposed limits are respected, there is usually nothing to be said against making one's sex life a little more varied with the help of the appropriate practices. Nevertheless, despite all the passion, safety should of course not be overlooked. There are some techniques, for example, satisfaction with the urethra Dildo (dilator)which can also lead to serious injuries.

Last but not least, it is usually always useful as a Masochistto agree on a code or stop word. For example, if the pain then becomes unbearable, the tormentor knows that an important boundary has now been crossed.

If you don't want to go to a club and don't have a partner, you can also look for a special kind of sex adventure on the internet, for example in relevant chats. Here, like-minded people usually meet in a very uncomplicated way and - if everything fits - can arrange to meet in real life.