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A masochist is a person who finds it an extreme turn-on when pain is inflicted on him.

Masochists represent a fundamental component of the BDSM Scene They love it when they are tortured before sex. They love it when they are tortured before sex with various toys such as whips and electrical accessories. What happens for people without this Fetish may sound a little strange, they find it unbelievable. horny and turn-on.

If you do a little research in the relevant areas of a sex shop, you will quickly find toys that exactly match the tastes of these people. But: it would certainly be too easy to start from the "standard". Masochismto speak of a "new". Rather, as in other areas, there are many nuances. For some people, masochism starts with a slap on the buttocks, while others still classify this under "Flower sex".

One thing is certain: if you want to live out your sex life as a masochist, you should always agree on a code word. This ensures that - if the pain really does become too great - the other person knows that they have to stop.

The market around masochism and co. has grown continuously over the last few years. Today there are many porn films that have managed to de-taboo the topic a little. This also explains why BDSM and masochism are so popular. Sado-masochism now also play a particularly important role at trade fairs and have developed into a real business sector.

Why people are enthusiastic about beatings and the like in the first place has been studied again and again over the years. It turned out that masochists can come from all walks of life. come. It doesn't matter whether you are a manager or a pensioner: there are many people who love to be discriminated against both physically and with regard to hurtful statements - at least until the erotic game is over at some point.