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Sado is short for sadist. This refers to a person who gets off on humiliating others during sex.

Sado is used as an abbreviation for Sadist used. This is a person who is sexually aroused by being able to humiliate others. Usually this is exactly what happens on a physical and psychological level. In order to still maintain a healthy relationship, it is important that both partners deal with the Sadomaso I don't want to play games with you.

Sex clubs like to set up separate rooms for sado-affine people where they can enjoy themselves with their partners. From sex toys to furnishings that virtually invite gagging, just about everything is available here.

Of course, there are also people who offer their Sado services for money. For example, those who love to submit are in the right place.

Many Sado Maso constellations also arise via chats on the internet. Many sex chat sites have dedicated BDSM separate rooms have been set up in the area. Here, like-minded people have the opportunity to go on dates, for example.

Sados who want to stock up their equipment for sexual humiliation and degradation will usually find what they are looking for in the sex shop.

However, it is a widespread prejudice that Sados is only about causing pain. Sometimes those involved also find it stimulating to simply give the other person the Orgasm to be denied. The frustration that in this case broad can also - assuming a corresponding preference - be particularly horny make. But be careful! If the path to orgasm is interrupted again and again and too often, there is a risk of the so-called "Blue Balls".