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Sadomaso refers to sexual role play in which one person humiliates the other and this is what excites them both.

Sadomaso has been seen as a classic taboo of the sex scene for a long time. After all, this is about taking the game between humiliation and power to the extreme in a certain way.

Sadomaso constellations, which in "real life" however are based on respect and esteem for each other and only discharge themselves accordingly in bed, can be incredibly satisfying.

The principle: one partner (the Sadist or the Sado) exerts its power on the one who loves to be dominated (the Masochist). There are no limits to the imagination here - as long as all parties involved agree.

Many sadomaso fans love to integrate toys of various kinds into their role play. From dildos to anal plugs to electric toys, almost anything is allowed here. Sometimes it is also part of the practice to simply not allow the other person to come. Orgasm come to let

Those who are looking for a Sadomaso partner often find what they are looking for on the internet. As in connection with other preferences, there are also in relation to BDSM here special platforms that enable the Fetishists enables people to get in touch with each other.

If no promising constellation arises in this way, there is of course also the possibility of visiting a Sadomaso studio in search of that special kick. Sometimes there are real professionals working here who know exactly how masochists want to be humiliated in order to - maybe even - reach orgasm.