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A sadist is a person who gets sexual pleasure from torturing others.

A sadist usually feels in the BDSM He is particularly comfortable in the sexual sphere. He loves to play with his power and (usually) to oppress and humiliate his partner in the sexual sphere. As long as these are practices by mutual consent, there is nothing to be said against it. The participants engage here in an erotic role play, in the context of which the sadist (Sado) the leading role and the Masochist takes on the subordinate role.

Most of the time - despite many prejudices - it is not just about torturing the other person a little (or a little more) with the help of pain. The psychological component also plays an important role in arousal.

Because: the corresponding humiliation at the Sadomaso takes place to a large extent with words. In order to feel maximum excitement and tension, it is accordingly important to engage in this special kind of role play.

However, the game between sadist and masochist becomes dangerous when both no longer distinguish between "bed" and "everyday life" and one actually exerts enormous psychological pressure on the other.

In the past, the reasons for having a penchant for the Sadism among other things, has also been scientifically investigated. What actually causes the feeling of wanting to dominate another person? Science is not yet in agreement on this point. One thing is certain: we cannot speak of a universally valid reason. The human character, especially in the sexual sphere, is too multifaceted and complex for that.