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Sadism is a fetish that focuses on humiliation during sex or erotic acts.

Sadism is about torturing the other person with words or actions. The one who tortures is the Sadist. The one who lets the torment wash over him with relish is the Masochist. Through this special interaction, many people feel particularly much pleasure.

Sadism is practised in sex clubs and similar establishments. Here there are often rooms where the corresponding toys are provided.

Sadism, however, is a multi-layered phenomenon. Sado Fetishwhich can take place on both a physical and a psychological level. For: many sadists also love, among other things, to insult or otherwise humiliate their partners during sex, for example, by deliberately not taking them to the Orgasm come let.

The Sadomaso has managed - despite many prejudices - over time to free itself a little from its "dark corner" and become almost suitable for everyday life. Whether at erotic fairs or in sex clubs, for example, there are many places where like-minded people can find each other.

In search of new toys, many sadists visit the Sex Shop. Here you can find many toys for home use that can help those interested to live out the pleasure of pain or the pleasure of humiliation even further.

Sadism is usually not a psychological disorder, as long as both partners agree to the games. Instead, some people love to switch off from everyday life in this exciting way and thus live sex in a completely new way (and free from conventions).