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Blue Balls actually stands for blue eggs - these are created when the orgasm is delayed too long


It may sound a little surprising, but blue balls are actually blue. This is a special phenomenon that shows up when the Orgasm during sex (or during Bubbles) is delayed for too long.

However, blue eggs have not only changed colour, but sometimes hurt very intensely. Among other things, the technique is also popular in BDSM Scene applied in order to torture those concerned a little. The principle: the Penis is stimulated again and again. Shortly before orgasm, however, there is a pause. What may seem exciting at first becomes a real ordeal for those affected over time.

Whether they are finally "redeemed" depends on the respective partner. Sometimes the men with the Blue Balls also decide to masturbate to put an end to their "suffering".

Blue balls are considered by many fans to be special because of the pain and powerlessness that occurs. horny felt. After orgasm, the colour of the eggs returns to normal comparatively quickly.

The technique can also be called "tease and denial", but then describes the same phenomenon. Many men are so enthusiastic about this that they also use the principle when masturbating. Some are of the opinion that the intensity of the orgasm can be increased even more. However, it is always particularly important to be able to correctly assess your individual pain level so that the fun is not lost.