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A nipple ring is a piercing through the nipple.

A nipple ring is a Piercingwhich is pierced through the nipples. This type of jewellery is worn by both women and men. Many gays find the nipple ring very erotic.

Since this is a particularly sensitive area (and, incidentally, a erogenous zone), the pricking of the nipple ring can be associated with pain. However, the skin usually heals comparatively quickly. Regular care can prevent inflammation.

For many gays, nipple piercings play an important role, especially from a sexual point of view. These pieces of jewellery are an invitation to be nibbled or played with.

Nipple rings are now available in many different variations. If you want, you can also make a kind of sex toy out of them - for example with a chain.

Some people also wear the nipple ring because it turns them on to feel the material and the movement of the ring on their skin. This is especially true if the ring has a not too small weight of its own and is thus also noticeable in everyday life from time to time - for example when walking.

Last but not least, the nipple ring is a great way to impress a chat partner. Because: especially in combination with a well-trained upper body, this jewellery is of course particularly effective. If you send pictures of yourself, you can create a good basis for a real meeting.

Whether both nipples are provided with a ring or whether this accessory is only worn on one side depends, of course, on personal taste.