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The term "phallus" or the "phallus symbol" refers to the erect penis of the man.

By phallus is meant the erect Penis of a man. Many men (and of course many women) find the sight of a hard cock very arousing.

Accordingly, the phallus is considered a symbol of fertility and masculinity.

The famous phallus symbol also plays an important role in art. Interestingly, it does not have to be a classic penis. A phallus symbol can also appear in other ways and merely form the basis for an interpretation as a penis. Tail form.

Some types of phallus symbols are also found in the ranks of sex toys. An example? Not every Dildo or vibrator must look like a male, hard penis. Among other things, many toy users love to resort instead to "accessories" that resemble the shape of fruits or the like.

By the way: the ultimate size of the phallus does not necessarily have to do with the qualities of the "carrier" in bed. On the contrary! Sometimes it is especially the small and medium-sized dicks that excel in enormous stamina. Accordingly, it would be wrong to evaluate a man solely on the basis of his phallus.

What is certain, however, is that an erect penis can be very arousing. Some gays - in the age of sex chats - go so far as to send each other pictures of their erect dicks. Depending on personal taste, this can of course increase the anticipation of a real date. However, this alone shows how easy it is to give free rein to one's imagination on the basis of an erect penis.