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The abbreviation "PnP" stands for "Party n' Play" and thus for a very specific kind of sex party.

PnP is the abbreviation for Party n' Play events. These are sex parties at which the visitors consume drugs in order to become even more powerful in bed, for example. In the past, many people still brought the PnP parties almost exclusively with the BDSM and the Fetish-Scene in connection. Today, the events are also organised in connection with classic sex parties.

However, since illegal drugs are mostly consumed here, these are also events that are not permitted in this form. Participation can accordingly be dangerous insofar as many drugs that are supposed to improve sexual performance can have extreme effects on blood pressure.

Due to the fact that inhibitions fall as a result of the consumption of the various substances, there are often downright Orgywhich the participants often cannot remember the next morning.

A "light" variant of the PnP parties provide Gangbang under the influence of alcohol. Here, too, we can see how - sometimes even small amounts of wine, sparkling wine and co. can ensure that people celebrate (and fuck) more exuberantly.

PnP events are usually not offered by serious clubs. Mostly, the parties are organised in a private setting. But be careful! Besides the high risk that exists anyway with regard to the consumption of the various substances, the risk of infection should never be disregarded. Those who fuck while on drugs all too often forget to protect themselves with condoms. Participation in PnP events is therefore not only illegal with regard to the consumption of drugs, but also extremely questionable in other respects.