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Pozzen means, as an HIV-positive person, to deliberately infect another, (still) HIV-negative person.

Pozzen is the deliberate infection of a person with the HI virus. Both have sex with each other, but do without a Condom. Sometimes both partners are in on it, sometimes one infects the other without their knowledge.

The reasons that lead to pozzing in the first place are many and varied. Sometimes it is a couple in which one partner already knows that they carry the HI virus and the other partner does not want to leave them alone in their suffering.

Some people use pozzcum also out of revenge and thus want to hurt the other person, or - in the long run - possibly even kill him or her. Pozzen is therefore a criminal offence and can have a significant impact on the health of others (up to the worst case).

What is also certain is that it is of course extremely unreasonable to pozzen - regardless of the reasons given for the behaviour in question. A person who knows that he or she is HIV positive does not have to abstain from sex completely. He (or she) is obliged - for moral reasons alone - to inform his or her environment and to use condoms accordingly.

Some people, by the way, have sex without knowing it. For example, if you change partners regularly, do not value contraception and have contracted HIV over time, you can of course pass it on to one (or more) other people. Therefore, it is always advisable - especially after spontaneous adventures - to have an AIDS test done in order to be on the safe side both for yourself and for others.