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Pozzcum refers to semen containing HI viruses.

Pozzcum is a comparatively colloquial term for semen containing HI viruses. HIV can therefore also be transmitted via pozzcum.

There are only two means to prevent infection: abstinence and the Condom. Since the former solution is out of the question for the vast majority of people, contraception with a condom enjoys great popularity nowadays (thank goodness!).

But: unfortunately, many gays (and heteros) still refrain from using condoms and thus deliberately expose themselves to the risk of contracting HIV via pozzcum.

Nowadays there are really no more excuses! Modern rubbers are not only incredibly sensitive, but also easy to use. When used correctly, users benefit from almost 100% protection from Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Especially gays who often change partners, frequently have anonymous sex and regularly visit cruising areas, for example, are at a comparatively high risk of becoming infected via Pozzen to be infected with AIDS. That is why many organisations, such as the AIDS aid organisation, never tire of pointing out the dangers involved.

By the way: also in connection with BlowjobCumshots and the like should be treated with caution! After all, it is not only possible to become infected through classic anal sex. The exchange of body fluids can be enough to pass on the virus (or another infectious disease).

Once the HI virus has been transmitted, it can take a comparatively long time for the disease to actually break out. Nowadays, modern medicine offers the possibility of counteracting this outbreak over a certain period of time on the basis of medication.