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PP" is a common abbreviation for poppers, the drugs that are supposed to increase pleasure during sex.

The abbreviation PP stands for Poppers. Poppers are illegal drugs that are consumed with the aim of increasing one's desire and stamina during sex.

PP are illegal and are therefore not offered in reputable sex clubs. Consumers either bring them from outside or often use them in connection with private sex meetings. Here they are often haunted by the reputation of being from classic sex clubs. Gangbang's real Orgy'n to be able to make.

Interestingly, the effect of poppers is usually comparatively short and therefore not comparable with classic potency enhancers. Those who want to "unleash" themselves with the help of PP usually take them shortly before sex.

The users usually feel more attractive, hornier and more powerful. Depending on their character, it is possible that their behaviour may even be off-putting to outsiders. From the outside, consumption can often be recognised by the veins that come out. This is because PP has a vasodilatory effect.

In the course of time (sometimes even comparatively quickly), a dependency develops. At some point, PP users can no longer accept the idea of sleeping with a man without aids. Those who notice that they can no longer get away from PP should definitely seek medical help. In many cases, it is no longer possible to come off by oneself. However, as in connection with other addictions, it is also true here that those affected must first recognise their problem themselves.

As these are illegal drugs, the PPs are mostly used underground, for example also near cruising areas and Hustler-areas, sold.