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With a prostate massage - as the name suggests - a particularly sensitive area is massaged. Sometimes men who are pampered in this way even come to orgasm.

A prostate massage exerts a special fascination - especially on many gay men. As the name already suggests, the prostate is being massaged. Prostate pampered. You can choose to use your fingers or sex toys. Depending on individual taste, a classic prostate massage can be either gentle or firmer.

Many men feel that the whole thing is so hornythat through the various massage techniques they even become the Orgasm come. However, anyone who has experienced an orgasm achieved via a massage of the prostate knows that it can feel completely different from the classic climax during anal sex.

To be able to perform a prostate massage in such a way that it is guaranteed to hit the mark with your partner, it sometimes takes a little practice. After all, not only the right point but also the right intensity must be reached.

In this context, it is often worthwhile to use special sex toys. Many sex shops have, for example, included vibrators or dildos in their product range that make it easier to reach the prostate in the right place. In contrast to anal dildos, these models are slightly curved and thus adapt perfectly to the ideal path from the rectum to the prostate.

If you want to experience the feelings that a prostate orgasm or prostate massage can evoke, you can of course incorporate the massage into your masturbation. This quickly shows which touches are felt to be particularly pleasant. If there are difficulties at the beginning, for example, because the Dildo cannot be inserted comfortably, the prostate massage can also be performed with a little lubricant.