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PT is an abbreviation for partner exchange. This combination of letters is often found in chats and in connection with partner exchanges, among other things.

The abbreviation PT stands for Partner exchange. In partner swapping, several people sleep together - regardless of whether the person being shagged is actually the current partner or not.

Gays (and straights) who have no problem sleeping with others regardless of their and their own relationship status are referred to as "polygamThe term "partner swapping" is used. Partner swapping is not about intimate, romantic moments, but merely about satisfying one's own lust.

Couples who are enthusiastic about PT must definitely not be jealous. Otherwise, the respective experiments can quickly backfire.

The reasons that can prevail with regard to the desire for a PT are many and varied. Sometimes the couples in question (along with their friend couples) are in search of some variety in bed, sometimes it is simply curiosity that ensures that everyone is together in the Box land.

Those who want to have a PT adventure often visit a sex club. PT parties are often offered here, where swingers have the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a completely uncomplicated way. Some clubs also set up separate rooms for such interests and practices to give interested couples the chance to "get to know each other better". However, many dates for PT also take place via the internet and/or personal ads.

Of course, the use of condoms should always be emphasised in the corresponding dates. Otherwise, the risk of contracting infectious diseases is significantly increased.