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Polygamous is the opposite of monogamous and means not having sex with only one partner.

Having a relationship with a polygamous person can become a real challenge for a monogamous partner. Because: being polygamous means not committing to one person and accordingly not sleeping only with one's own partner.

In the past, many scientists were concerned, among other things, with the question of how "normal" it actually was, monogamous and whether the polygamous variant is not actually the more natural one.

There are definitely couples who love being polygamous. Here, one partner "allows" the other to cheat. Both are then usually open about their passion for other people, sometimes even arranging to have threesomes (or foursomes).

However, anyone who gets involved in a polygamous relationship should in any case stand behind this partnership 100 %. Come Jealousy and co. come into play, it doesn't take long before serious relationship crises threaten.

Many people also believe that polygamy within a relationship can ensure that the actual partnership benefits - especially in erotic terms.

Both in connection with hete and homosexual relationships, polygamy now plays an important role. In this context, polygamous people emphasise again and again that they do not betray their partner because the latter knows about their inclinations. Honesty, openness and the decision to sleep with another person outside the relationship are not mutually exclusive for polygamous lovers in the vast majority of cases.