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A so-called Rice Queen is a gay man who likes Asian men.

Just as among straight men, there are also gay men who are particularly enthusiastic about the looks and character of Asian men. Within the Scene they are often called Rice Queen is referred to as "rice". This fact is perceived by some people as discriminatory or racist, as the combination of "Asia and rice" is played with in a particularly conspicuous way.

Nowadays, many men who like Asians use the internet to find their suitable counterparts. In special chats, the so-called "Rice Queens" and gays of Asian origin often find each other. Many chat sites - partly because of the increased demand - have now even started to set up their own categories specifically for the search for gay men from other cultures. These platforms are then mostly used by both sides to broaden their own horizons in a versatile (and also sexual) way.

But what is it that actually fascinates the "Rice Queens" about Asians? Often it is the mix of an exciting culture, the politeness with which these people approach others and (of course) the appearance that makes them so appealing. Many Asians sometimes appear younger than Europeans of the same age and often play with their charms - especially when they, for example, are enthusiastic about the classic European look.

But: the relationship of a "Rice Queen" to an Asian man does not have to be purely sexual, of course. Many real-life examples prove that there are indeed long-term relationships that can easily withstand the challenges of everyday life.