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Irrigation is another word for enema. Accordingly, the anus is flushed here.

If you do a "quick rinse" before sex, you are cleansing your bowels. This is not just for hygiene, but can also be used to remove faeces and sweat from the anus before sex.

Auxiliaries that are used in the context of a flush come are usually available in every sex shop. The corresponding "accessories" can often - depending on the model - be connected to a water hose and then inserted. Many gays also integrate the flush into their foreplay, as the sensation - depending on the strength of the water jet - can also be quite arousing.

Anyone who is looking for a Anal shower for on the go, will in most cases also find what they are looking for in the sex shop. The corresponding tools are usually a little smaller and can be connected to a water container. With the help of a comparatively high pressure, the anus can then be cleaned quite comfortably (for example before a cruising adventure).

Many gays opt for douching because they want to raise the standard of hygiene during sex. This also applies, among other things, if it is planned to have not only classic but also, for example, Oral to fuck.

Of course, flushing can often help to prevent the transmission of bacteria. After all, there are many sources of danger lurking in the anus or in the faeces area, which can cause various complaints. Flushing is a practical way to prevent this and to have sex in a hygienic way. However, if you want to Dirty sex is unlikely to opt for a bowel cleanse in advance.