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Self-outing is the kind of outing that comes from the gay man (or lesbian woman) himself.

With the Self Outing a gay man (or a lesbian woman) decides to inform those around him (her) about his (her) sexual inclinations. For most gays, this is an important step that can be liberating, but can also turn their lives upside down.

Accordingly, a self-outing should ideally always be prepared a little. Many affected people first confide in their family and friends. The understanding they often receive here is usually greater than expected. In many cases, it turns out in retrospect that these fears were in vain.

If you are looking for support in coming out, you can often find it at counselling centres.

A Foreign OutingThe opposite of self-outing can often have a traumatising effect. Because: here, the person affected does not have the chance to confide in their loved ones themselves. The decision whether to come out now or later, for example, is taken away from them. This is a classic abuse of trust that can have a lasting impact on the years to come.

However, coming out means not only informing those around you, but also standing up for yourself and your inclinations in a special way. Despite all the fear and anticipation of the "new life", those affected should definitely give their environment enough time to come to terms with the new situation. Many friends may indeed react a little (often positively) surprised. However, really negative reactions are rather rare.