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The slave plays an important role, especially in BDSM. He serves his master or his sexual master.

Who is interested in BDSM knows that the relationship between slave and master plays an important role here. While the master gives orders, it is the slave's job to obey. Sounds standard? Perhaps. But: the Role plays between these two parties are far more diverse than might at first appear.

In which way the slave is finally tortured is left to the personal taste of the participants. From physical pain to verbal abuse and a refusal of the Orgasm just about anything is possible here. Of course, it is especially important that both agree to the respective practices. In an emergency, a code word can help to free the slave from his situation.

If you don't fancy the classic sex club or BDSM studio atmosphere, you can often find a slave (or a master) on the internet. In the meantime, there are various forums that specifically focus on bringing together submissive and dominant parts.

To make the sex or the torture between slaves and masters a little more fun, of course the matching accessories must not be missing. Many Fetishists use special clothes and "instruments of torture", among other things. In the meantime, the trend has responded to preferences of this kind and offers a wide range of erotic possibilities. Some sex toys offer the option to regulate the degree of pain and are accordingly often well suited for beginners in the field of BDSM.