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Spanking refers to light (!) blows that are often used in soft BDSM to make the other person horny.

Not only since "50 Shades of Grey" has spanking enjoyed particular popularity. This involves light strokes with which the partner can be "spoiled" before or during sex. These practices are generally classified as soft sex. BDSM assigned. This can be a light, uncomplicated introduction to the classic, somewhat harder BDSM area.

Spanking is often associated with role-playing in different variations. For example, it is often about punishing the other person - for whatever reason - spanking and then fucking.

Particularly interesting in this context are the different ways in which spanking can be acted out. Some BDSM fans also combine the light spankings with interesting bondage games and other stimuli, such as for example Nipple clamps or similar.

The most popular spanking toys include whips and the paddle. If you feel like a little more intense pain, you can also choose a riding crop. Most sex shops offer a wide range of spanking utensils. Over the course of time, the soft BDSM sector in particular has managed to emerge from its former "grubby corner" and become a widely accepted social phenomenon. Fetish to become. Mostly it is the mix of the special sound that is made when spanking and the rather "naughty fucking" that makes spanking so appealing.

Over time, many spanking fans decide to increase the pain, so that the path to classic BDSM with "harder toys" is sometimes not too far.