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Nipple clamps are a sex toy made to stimulate the user's nipples in a special way.

Many gays love it when their partner takes their NipplesThe nipples are stimulated with the hand, tongue or teeth. However, those who like pain and a correspondingly "harder approach" might also be enthusiastic about nipple clamps, among other things.

These are actually clamps that are fixed around the nipple area and can cause more or less intense pain there. If feeling the stinging and pinching is not enough, you can also opt for clamps with electricity. However, it is worth approaching the toys slowly because of the particularly sensitive area.

Those who want to expand their sex toy assortment accordingly will find what they are looking for in the Sex Shop. The BDSM Departments of the various suppliers usually have a large assortment of nipple clamps on offer. The customer can choose his or her favourite from these.

Especially practical: many clamps offer the possibility to adjust their intensity. For example, if you don't know what it feels like to have your nipples put through the wringer like this. If you are interested, you should definitely opt for such a model first.

Many nipple clamps are now also integrated into other, larger sex toys, for example by creating a (painful) connection between nipple and Tail is created. As is so often the case, the "perfect Toy from this area depends on several factors. Among other things, it depends on the individual's sensitivity to pain and willingness to experiment. If you want, you can of course also use the clamp for masturbation.