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The nipples are colloquially called nipples.

Nipples refer to the nipples of men and women. They are considered particularly erogenous. If they are stimulated, the likelihood is high that the man will also have a nipple stimulation at the same time. Erection gets. Sometimes, however, the nipples become hard without arousal - namely when it is particularly cold and they contract.

If you want to emphasise your nipples a little more, you can have them pierced. There are also many sex toys that can stimulate this area in a special, sometimes painful way.

Particularly popular in this context are the famous "Nipple clamps". These are - as the name suggests - fixed directly to the nipple. Depending on the sex toy, it is also possible, among other things, to even let electricity flow here or to connect the clamps with other areas of the body, for example the Tail to connect so that the range of movement is restricted. However, the corresponding techniques are definitely in the BDSM area at home. If you want to find out what turns you on and how intensely, you should definitely approach the respective practices slowly.

For many gays, it is enough to stimulate the nipples in a conventional way, for example with the hand or tongue. Some find this area of the body so stimulating that they satisfy themselves and then squirt on their partner's nipples.

In short: if you are looking for erogenous zones, you don't necessarily have to focus exclusively on the lower body. With the nipples, the upper body also offers a wonderful opportunity to get creative.