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The Spartacus Travel Guide has been the place to go for gay travel for more than 30 years now.

The Spartacus Travel Guide is a well-known travel guide for gays that deals with worldwide travel and short trips. Among other things, the focus is on particularly gay-friendly hotels. Many locations are also near well-known hot spots, where experience shows that many gay men meet.

In addition to the references to the various hotels and facilities, the Spartacus travel guide also contains a lot of detailed information on the history and culture of the respective places. Accordingly, almost every type of traveller should get their money's worth here. come. Thanks to a large number of expressive pictures, it is certainly also a little easier to plan the coming trip.

In addition, the Spartacus travel guide attaches great importance to a balanced offer. Thus, both gays with the goal of a wellness holiday and holidaymakers in the making who are planning a city trip are likely to get their money's worth here. Thanks to the fact that the travel guide for gays is now also offered on the basis of a practical app, the travel tips can be accessed conveniently while on the move.

Another advantage: in the Spartacus travel guide, among other things, a so-called Pride calendar is integrated. This includes both national and international dates and ensures that users do not miss any important highlights. Anyone who has always felt a little lonely on holiday and would have liked more homosexual company - whether on a trip for singles or couples - should definitely give the Spartacus travel guide a chance.