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TG" is the abbreviation for pocket money. Gays who, for example, live in a dominant relationship (and are themselves the submissive part) can get turned on by receiving pocket money from their partner and thus also submitting in everyday life.

Whoever is interested in sexual Role playsThe abbreviation TG, which stands for pocket money and can be important here in a wide variety of ways, is one of the terms that people often come into contact with. This stands for pocket money and can become important here in a wide variety of ways.

Many BDSM Fans use TG, for example, to better distinguish between "Mr." and "Slave"to be able to distinguish between the two. The Lord is so gracious now and then and gives His submissive slave a little pocket money... But only if he fulfils his expectations. Otherwise he receives - as punishment - nothing (or optionally beatings).

Some lovers of role-playing games can get excited about the transition between classic sex and everyday life, among other things, and thus live their respective roles even better. Of course, the respective slave is not really dependent on the master's TG. The respective amount has rather a symbolic character, indicating how satisfied the dominant part is with the submissive part.

If you want to go one step further, you can buy a gift for your master (as a slave) with the corresponding money. In all likelihood, however, the master will not be satisfied with this... And the game of punishment and humiliation continues.

In many personal ads from the BDSM field, you can always read about "TG". The lovers of the corresponding practices usually know exactly what is meant by this and the seekers usually meet like-minded people comparatively quickly.