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A transvestite is a man who likes to dress up as a woman. But: not all transvestites are gay!

As the name suggests, the transvestite plays the leading role in travesty shows. He is a man who dresses up as a woman and thus (mostly) entertains his audience.

The topics addressed in this context can be political or sexual. Mostly, however, it is a colourful mix that helps to forget the worries of everyday life a little.

But: a successful transvestite can also strike a serious note. The absolute highlight of the respective shows is often the unmasking at the end.

Even if the preconception persists that a Travesty-artist is "always gay", many men prove the opposite. It is often the attraction of wearing women's clothes that tempts them to slip into their roles again and again. In this way, sometimes completely new characters emerge that are clearly different from the actual "everyday type".

A real cult has developed around transvestites. The Scene continues to grow and brings the most diverse art fields and aspects to light. Especially in the age of YouTube and co., artists sometimes find it even a little easier to launch a career and show why they in particular are so special.

However, it can take several hours before a transvestite is completely dressed up. Many artists in this field love exaggeration and deliberately use bright colours and a flashy appearance. Unlike transsexuals, however, they usually do not feel born in the wrong body, but are simply into blurring the gender boundaries in a special way.