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Travesty is a special art form in which men dress up as women (usually in garish outfits).

Over the years, the art of travesty has managed to build up a large fan base (also among straight people). Put simply, it's about dressing up as a man as a woman and thus entertaining people or acting yourself out.

Travesty can be incredibly funny, but also thought-provoking. The topics range over the most diverse areas and sometimes leave the audience with a laughing and a crying eye.

Unfortunately, many people still think that a man who loves to dress up in women's clothes must be gay be. The fact is: yes, there are many gay men in the field of travesty. Some travesty artists, however, are married to women and straight. Unlike transsexuals, the Transvestite not necessarily as if he was born in the wrong body.

To become a successful travesty artist, you usually need talent, a little luck and stamina. Among other things, due to the increased acceptance in society, more and more men are daring to live out their fantasies here. Accordingly, there is also a lot of competition when it comes to getting started.

However, as many people from this field have proven over the course of time that travesty is not just a form of slapstick, but a serious art form, the reputation of travesty has also improved. Scene changed. Today, for example, there are many companies that invite their business partners on a trip to a travesty variety theatre to enjoy a little special culture. The former grubby image is definitely a thing of the past.