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Triolism is an - admittedly somewhat academic - word for a threesome.

"Fancy a triolism?" - this is certainly one of the rarer pick-up lines. What is meant here is the question of whether the other person is interested in a triolism. Threesome (i.e. sex with three people) could inspire.

If you are looking for a little inspiration about triolism sex practices, you will usually find it in the relevant porn films. Here, the "Menage a Trois" has long been the absolute standard.

The possibilities that arise here with regard to different positions are more versatile than might appear at first glance. No matter whether Blowjob, ass-fucking or all of the above: with triolism, many things are possible.

But what is actually special about the Threesome? In many cases it is the attraction of the "forbidden" that makes gays come together for this kind of fucking (literally).

However, anyone who fancies a threesome still needs the right partners, of course. In this context, the internet offers a helpful place to start for all those who are looking for like-minded people. In order to increase the desire a little more in advance, it can be worthwhile to distribute the roles (for example, via chat) and to record who will be involved in the planned triolism. active and who passive should be.

Of course, a threesome can also happen "purely by chance", for example during a lively evening in a sex club. However, to be on the safe side, it is helpful to give (sexual) luck a little push - of course not without thinking about condoms in any case!

Incidentally, a heightening of triolism is the Orgy represents. Here, four (and often considerably more) people take part.