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Water sports is another name for sex practices with urine. Another synonym is "water games".

Whoever talks about water sports in connection with sex practices means special sex practices that involve urine. Or in other words: the partners involved love to pee all over themselves, among other things. The liquid on the skin - coupled with a dirty image - turns them on especially here.

Some gays even go so far as to not only pee on themselves, but also drink the urine. In some cases, particularly ostentatious vessels are used. However, especially with regard to this drinking, it should always be kept in mind that this kind of water sport can also be harmful to health. After all, urine contains many bacteria.

Water sports are now not only practised in sex clubs and at relevant parties, but also in porn. Many gays get inspiration here when it comes to the Dirty Taking sex to a new level.

Especially in the area of BDSM is repeatedly referred to the different variants of the Water features set. After all, what could be more fitting than peeing on each other when it comes to taking the game between power and humiliation to the extreme?

Those who would like to gain their own experience with water sports may need a little patience. Even if the Fetishists If you are only too happy to indulge your passion, finding like-minded people may take some time. After all, games with urine, or "Golden shower", about a special boundary that must first be crossed.

Sometimes the lovers of this practice even go one step further and use not only urine but also faeces to even better pursue their passion for dirty things.