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Water games are sex practices that involve urine. The whole thing belongs to the category of "dirty sex".

Water features belong to the so-called Dirty Sex. This is about increasing pleasure with the help of urine (and sometimes faeces).

The special thing about water games is therefore the mix of a "But that's 'forbidden'!" and a correspondingly filthy feeling. Depending on how the Water sports enjoyed, however, they are not always harmless from a health point of view. This is especially true if the urine is swallowed.

For some gays, however, it is enough to pee on each other. The feeling on the skin creates - a corresponding Fetishism provided - even now and then a Orgasm. Some even help it along with masturbation. One thing is certain: If you want to try water games, you should plan for it and, if possible, stop emptying your bladder before sex.

Water games are sometimes celebrated at sex parties. However, if you are looking for like-minded people, you should definitely clarify your preferences beforehand. Otherwise, the sex date could end comparatively quickly. Water games in particular are a very special form of sex. FetishThis is something that both partners often approach at first.

If you are looking for kinky inspiration with urine, you can also get ideas in various porn films, among other things. With this kind of Dirty In a way, sex is a "genre within a genre". Many sex shops have created a special section for water games and the like. Here you can often find other relevant utensils, such as special jugs or pads.

Pissing on the partner can of course also be done with a view to Role plays and a clear separation between dominant and submissive be used.