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Golden shower is a synonym for urine.

Golden shower (and faeces) come in connection with a special sex practice. Golden shower is - as the name suggests - urine. Fans of this technique often drink it. Sometimes the partners also pee all over each other.

One thing is certain: For many people, playing with golden showers may be stimulating and horny to be degrading, but is definitely to be taken with a grain of salt! This is especially true if the urine is drunk during sex. There are many bacteria and germs in it, which in turn can make you ill.

The Scene around golden showers and the associated BDSM practices, however, is growing continuously. In the meantime, there are also many porn films that focus on the corresponding acts. The whole thing runs under the category "Dirty Sex" and is accordingly very "dirty" indeed (in the truest sense of the word).

One of the least dangerous ways is not to drink your partner's golden shower, but "only" to let it run over you. If you have problems with timing, you can also fill your urine into a container in advance. Ideally, the Dirty Sex then takes place on a washable or disposable pad.

Many BDSM studios have now also focused on the area of golden showers and faeces games, among other things, and offer the various services in specially equipped rooms. In a protected setting and among like-minded people, those with the special Fetish then usually have fewer problems pursuing their particular passion.