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Taking a sauna - everyone should know these do's and don'ts

The most important tips and tricks in the gay sauna

The temperatures keep falling and many people are longing for warmth right now. The sauna season has started now at the latest - and what could be better than getting a hot steam on a rainy day?

But if you don't happen to have a sauna at home, you have to go to public institutions for your sweating fun.

In addition to the acute hygiene regulations, there are a few additional tips that can help to show your best side here.

Caution: Of course, different standards apply to sex saunas! The following tips refer to the classic sauna experience - for example in a wellness oasis.

Sufficient distance to the neighbour!

What to do when the sauna is full?
Don't just sit down next to a stranger without a word and/or demand too much space.

If there are only seats available right next to someone, always politely ask if it is okay to sit there. Otherwise it could be that "fellow sweaty people" feel personally restricted.

The famous "arm's length distance" is usually a good guideline here.

The gaze wanders: where am I supposed to look?

Do not stare at strangers! The probability that the other participants in the classic (!) sauna also just want to relax is high. Staring at someone else then is not only very unsexy, but can also be perceived as harassment.

If you visit a sauna alone and do not have a conversation partner, you should choose a neutral point and orientate yourself on this.

Classic targets here are, for example, the infusion container, the door or perhaps the ceiling.

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Clothing in the sauna

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the rule for the classic sauna is: sweat without clothing, only with a towel. However, some saunas deviate from this rule. Separate signs then point out the corresponding requirements.

For reasons of hygiene and courtesy, a bathrobe or a larger towel should of course be used in the catering and relaxation areas anyway.

Romance in the sauna

The wonderful warmth, the pleasant sweating, there are a few reasons why a sauna session can certainly get the blood pumping. But seducing your partner? Not in the classic sauna, please! Even "only" tender cuddles should be refrained from during the sauna session. (If you want to try this out, you should visit the gay sex sauna already mentioned).

A quick kiss in passing or a short, quiet declaration of love - this is exactly what lovers should reduce themselves to during a sauna visit.

The welcome in the sauna

Attention! Quiet is extremely important here! This means: don't just barge in and greet the already sweating people with a hearty "Moin!". They might feel disturbed in their relaxation by loud conversations.

A short, quiet greeting, also of a non-verbal nature, is much more appropriate for the sauna. This way, no one feels disturbed and no one can accuse the newcomer of being rude.

The thing with the towel

Never go into the sauna without a towel or/ and keep the door open for an unnecessarily long time. Nobody likes a cold breeze during a sauna session.

Always take a (sufficiently large!) towel with you! This utensil is used for general hygiene. With its help, sweat is absorbed and the furniture is additionally protected.

The most popular gay saunas at a glance

And as I said: if you feel like sweating AND having sex, simply visit a gay sex sauna club. Here - depending on the provider - almost everything is allowed, as long as the applicable hygiene regulations (and currently, of course, the Corona rules) are adhered to.



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