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Tipped describes the length and diameter of the penis


The statement "He is well endowed." has long since made it into common parlance. But what does this actually mean? The question of how a gay is hung is all about the size or appearance of the cock.

If you would like to go into more detail here, you can Penis or specify his size in measurements from S to XL or even XXL. However, whether sex with a well-endowed man is always "better" is a matter of personal taste.

But who - for example in Europe - is actually considered well endowed? The average length on our continent is about 13 cm. Of course, there are always special "outliers" upwards or downwards.

It would be wrong, however, to define a "good endowment" solely in terms of length. After all, the circumference of the penis can also ensure that particularly intense orgasms are experienced during sex. So it's certainly a mix of length, girth and shape that can ensure nothing stands in the way of passion and co.

However, with all the hype about being sufficiently stocked, stamina should not be overlooked. What does the biggest Tailwhen it's already over after a few seconds?

Therefore, the following applies: Anyone who is looking for a ONS or in a committed relationship should not only ask themselves how their loved one is equipped, but also find out what else they have to offer. Here there are often positive, but sometimes also sobering surprises.