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3s is a mix of numbers and letters that stands for the word "threesome". This refers to sex in threesomes.


3s is the abbreviation for Threesome and describes that here three people have sex with each other. With regard to the designation, it is initially irrelevant whether this is a man and two women, a woman and two men or three men or three women.

The 3-way is one of the best-known and most popular sex fantasies of all. However, anyone who has experienced it knows that this special kind of screwing can also conceal a little stress. After all, everyone wants to get their money's worth. come. The smallest form of a Orgy However, it also offers far-reaching advantages. Here you can fuck to your heart's content.

It's rarely about love. Because: with the Threesome the focus is on the satisfaction of lust. This also explains why the 3some plays an important role in most porn.

The positions that can be played out here are versatile. So it's fun to try out new changes again and again and alternate between fucking and being fucked.

By the way: the abbreviation "3s" is often used in chats. It helps to clarify one's own expectations and wishes to the chat partner as quickly and uncomplicatedly as possible.

There are even couples who don't miss the opportunity to go in search of like-minded people for a 3some every now and then. However, the concept can only work if there are actually no problems with regard to Jealousy persevere. Otherwise, even the most beautiful 3some can turn into a real test for the partnership in retrospect.