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St. Andrew's Cross - A Sextoy for Erotic Power Games

andreas cross

When hearing the word "St. Andrew's cross", many people think of the well-known cross found near level crossings. And indeed: its classic shape gives this Sextoy its name. This is a construct with a height of approximately 2.50 metres, to which the passive part can be tied.

Depending on the type of fixation, the range of movement here is extremely limited (to non-existent). St. Andrew's crosses are often used in BDSM facilities, but sometimes also in the bedroom at home. Here, the loops at the ends can provide a very special kick.

Especially interesting: being tied to the St. Andrew's cross is not "just" about sex, but a very special kind of role play. After all, the passive part is at the mercy of its active counterpart.

How do you free yourself from the St. Andrew's cross?

Anyone who is enthusiastic about games of this kind should definitely always have a code word set. With a little imagination and passion, exciting situations then arise in which it can be quite fun to switch sides. But no matter whether active or passive: the use of a St. Andrew's cross can help many gays (and straight men, for that matter) to rediscover their own sexuality and, if necessary, to become a little braver. After all, nobody said that passionate sex should only take place in bed, right?

However, gays who plan to equip their flat with a St. Andrew's cross should definitely plan enough space for this. After all, this sex toy should, if possible, be skilfully integrated in Scene can be used as a sex toy. Of course, the cross can also be used in combination with other sex toys to give your sex life a little more impetus.