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Androgyny - The men with a particularly feminine appearance!


"Androgyny" describes a very special mix of male and female. Or in other words: androgynous men are characterised by an above-average feminine appearance and accordingly often stand out at first sight.

However, androgyny can be observed not only in gay men, but also in women. In this case, the woman tends to have a particularly masculine appearance and behaviour.

For a long period of time, androgynous people were regarded as the "image persons" of the LGBTQ Scene. It would definitely be wrong to proceed too superficially here. Masculine-looking women and feminine-looking men do not have to be lesbians or lesbians per se. gay be.

Nevertheless, it is certainly particularly easy for outsiders to fall into a corresponding pigeonhole thinking. However, to be able to lead a happy gay relationship, it does not necessarily need a female or a male part. Rather, it is of course the special composition that makes up the magic of a relationship - no matter whether straight or homo.

Many members of the LGBTQ scene find a particular appeal in androgyny.

After all, it offers the possibility of blurring the boundaries between the sexes in a - sometimes particularly erotic - way.

But what does it actually take to be androgynous? Besides the right attitude to life, clothes are of course an important factor. The way you move and behave can also be decisive when it comes to being androgynous.

By the way: androgyny has also long since managed to gain a foothold in the fashion industry, among other things. A look at the catwalks of this world shows that many designers are now focusing on particularly masculine women or feminine men.